Caring Angels

Caring for the Carers


When YOU became a carer how many friends did you lose?

20%? 30% or even more?

When you told all that your loved one had dementia, how many friends did you lose then,

60% 70%?

This is not uncommon but is rarely spoken about. Here at Purple Angel Holidays its about far more than having that much needed break, but also about forging long lasting friendships. There will be carers, just like you, with the same problems, the same hills to climb and the same unanswered questions, all wanting to sit there and have that much needed chat, desperate to.

Dump their baggage

as the young ones say now, and just have that listening ear to talk to. The thing is, those all around you will be going through the same thing and will understand what you are going through.


When your loved one is having our sitting service, you will have ‘YOUR free time’ but that doesn’t mean you HAVE to leave the hotel if you don’t want to. Enjoy a coffee in the bar, or something stronger (if you’re not driving). You can meet and chat with others just like you.

Maybe you know something they don’t about direct payments etc, it’s all about coming together and helping each other, and whilst this is happening we will be helping your loved one.

(If you choose the sitting service) you could have a great ‘Activities Co-ordinated Afternoon’. And always remember, help and support is at hand whenever you should need it.



This is what makes Purple Angel Holidays UK that little bit different.