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Homely Angel Package


For 4 Nights (£150 per Night)

  • Twin Rooms
  • Including breakfast
  • Evening Meal
  • Activities during day whilst care has their time alone
  • A packed Lunch is available per day at a cost of just £2.50


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If your looking for a holiday where the word HOME is at the heart of it then the Torbay Sands bed and breakfast is the place for you. Not only is all the food HOME MADE and  the CAKES HOME MADE the place has that lived in, homely feel thats so welcoming to many. The owner has YEARS of experience and we at the Purple Angel Holidays are so very lucky to have them on board. Their is even an activities room which is decked out in old hats, and reminders of the past as it also has an old fashioned vintage tea room where you can sample all those luscious home made fares along with other weary travelers.
I have to say this B+B is for the more “ABLE” of those who have dementia, of which i know there are many out there, as there are steps leading up to the hotel  and all bedrooms are on the first floor with no lift. We are offering this hotel for both carers and those with dementia, and also those with younger early onset dementia whose legs are not as old as others !!  It would also make a wonderful place for just carers to come and chill out, believe me , i know how much you need to do this, BUT…………..
The views from some of the bedrooms expand the wonderful  scenic view of Torbay, and as you lie on your bed and read a book or just relax, it looks like the sea itself is within Touching distance. So if you want that comfy home from home feeling, please come down to the Torbay sands hotel and we will welcome you with open arms
Footnote………… We also offer a much needed sitting service in this hotel for all with dementia so carers can take that much needed few hours break

Additional Information

November 22nd – 26th 2015, November 23rd – 27th 2015, December 7th – 11th 2015, January 10th – 14th 2016, February 1st – 4th 2016, February 7th – 11th 2016, February 14th – 18th 2016, February 15th – 19th 2016, March 20th – 24th 2016